The perfect world of the students at an elite high school gets rocked when one of them is murdered. The police investigation will uncover the web of secrets and lies that rests underneath the perfect façade of the wealthy student body. Elite is a Spanish teen drama series that Carlos Monte and Darío Madrona created for Netflix.

Each season of the show sees us following a group of students from the rich upper class. The show uses flash-forwards in each episode to show the audience bits of information about the crime that is about to happen, a structure similar to that found in Big Little Lies.

Crime thriller and high school drama

Elite continues the trend of gritty teen dramas with a tone and color palette that is oppressing and melodramatic, comparable to shows like Euphoria.

What sets the gritty teen drama Elite apart from other teen media lies in how the show handles complex themes, such as racism and homosexuality. It contains overt sexual motifs that delve into freedom, pleasure, and sexual liberation. Elite combines the mixture of crime thriller with high school melodrama to create a show that subverts common tropes and expectations, overcoming borders and hooking the attention of viewers worldwide. The show is one of the most popular Netflix original series that takes place in Spain, following shows like Cable Girls and Money Heist.