High Fidelity‘s protagonist Rob is a record store owner in his mid-thirties, absolutely wild about lists. In particular, one of his infamous lists contains the names of Rob’s ex-girlfriends. Among them, there is also Laura – his latest girl – who dumps him at the beginning of the novel, prompting Rob to review all his exes and investigate what did not work.

The novel, in a humorous, easy-going style, tells the true story of a journey through rock and roll music, sex affairs, and nineties culture. This adventure will lead Rob and the reader to discover what matters: specifically, the redemptive power of music and love. Mixing self-deprecation, reflective irony, and a lot of good music – from Nirvana to Neil Young, Madonna, and The Rolling StonesHigh Fidelity was a massive commercial and critical success when it was first published and still is nowadays.

After being adapted into a movie directed by Stephen Frears (starring John Cusack) – High Fidelity has recently been rebooted with a female protagonist played by Zoe Kravitz and set in New York.