Uffie’s second record Tokyo Love Hotel comes a decade after her debut Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. The EP combines some of the singles she released since the end of her long silence with unreleased material, and it cements the new angle the “least working girl in show business” is taking on her music.

A continuing story

The album begins thematically close to where Sex Dreams ended. No Regrets is another seemingly uncompromising show of braggadocio by an enfant prodige that doesn’t shy away from showing off their darker side. But as the enfant grows up, the music updates to fit the more somber sound of the end of the decade, presenting itself as a slick and razor-sharp anthem for the trap era.

The record progresses through a series of tableaus about the difficulties of contemporary love, held together by a solid carpet of trap hats layered over simple and effective boom-chas with deep kicks and dry snares and complemented by warm, round synth sounds that prevent the mix from ever becoming asphyxiating.

My Heart

Finally, My Heart builds from a single-string guitar riff reminiscent of Lil Peep or a similar emo-rap outfit, but the song manages to co-opt the sound and make it part of a broader sonic spectrum, with organic synths and a beat that’s having quite a bit of fun. 

Uffie’s voice is drenched in effects as ever, always surrounded by a veil of otherness. However, if Sex Dreams felt like a posh alien singer that’s come here to dance and kill, Tokyo Love Hotel is the labor of love of a melancholic, way too human android, semi-seriously singing the song’s refrain:

“My heart keeps beating / My heart keeps beating / My heart keeps beating the shit out of me.”

You can steam or buy the album on Uffie’s Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify.