The work Balloons on the Sea, by Turkish artist Hale Tenger, consists of one main video, projected on the wall, and six smaller videos spread throughout the room. These videos show colorful balloons, floating on a deep blue sea.

Everything is peaceful, even meditative. One by one, the balloons are being shot, but even the shot has no initial sign of violence, as the sound of the gun is replaced by a musical composition by Serdar Ateşer, wherein each balloon produces its own sound when it pops. The sounds connected to the colors bring to mind the principles of synesthesia.

Balloons on the Sea originates from Hale Tenger’s photograph, Balloon Loan (2005), which shows a man shooting balloons in Izmir, with a NATO warship in the background.

Shooting balloons is a very masculine game that people practice at the Bosporus’s shores and in Turkish coast cities.