The Smog Free Ring is part of the Smog Free Project by Daan Roosegaarde. The Dutch artist’s creations mix design, science, and architecture. One of his works, the Smog Free Tower, is a Beijing tower that filters the air and cleanses it.

The Smog Free Ring‘s idea came during the realization of Smog Free Tower. As a matter of fact, Roosegaarde discovered that polluted air contains a high amount of carbon. Under large pressure, carbon can change into a diamond. Thus, the idea for Smog Free Jewelry was born. For every Smog Free Ring, 1000M3 air has been filtered and pressed together into a cube.

A symbolic choice

With Roosegaarde’s Projects, it remains a question how much of it helps and how much of it is actually a statement.

The filtering of smog into jewelry like in the Smog Free Ring is noble. However, to create a significant change for many cities’ smog problem, perhaps other solutions must be made. To sum up, a piece of jewelry out of dirty air is an aesthetic reminder that much needs to be done for the climate crisis.