The film Suspension shows a figure in an undefined emptiness, wherein the circumstances change from mist or smokiness, to bright red, to a pitch black darkness. It is unclear if the man is floating or falling through this emptiness. Sometimes, he seems to resist against his state of being, without success or change, and sometimes he seems to surrender to it, or simply be unaware.

Through this dream-like state, largely inspired by Moebius’ comic books, that show a spiritual world of fantasy, Sebastian Diaz Morales creates a fantastic allegory for contemporary society.

Since this state seems to be without a beginning or an end, thus, a state of eternity, the work creates a new perception of time; past, present and future are held within the floating/falling figure.

The audience is involved in the work, through a construction that recalls video frames rolling by, in which they can climb and watch the work from whatever height they prefer.