Egg alone .com is one of Rafaël Roozendaal’s many websites, wherein he plays with our perception of the screen and digital space as a whole. These websites are humorous, accessible, and have the character of a funny sketch or a small joke that is being told.

A binding element of all Roozendaal’s websites is a certain sense of irritability, yet never reaching the point of true irritation; it’s rather a certain ticklishness, the feeling that something is about to happen but all the time doesn’t.

In egg alone .com, we see a graphic egg against a black background. The esthetic value is not only in this attractive color pattern – black, white, yellow – but also in the fact that the egg turns. It turns in fluid movements, but through the oval shape of the egg, there is simultaneously something wobbly to it. The irritable fact lies not only in having a moving egg inside of your computer but also in the fact that the yolk adapts its size as it turns.