Turn opinion into knowledge

The foundations of Hypercritic are cooperation and storytelling.

Hypercritic is an online platform that aims to connect all cultural worlds into a shared digital space. It involves a growing group of young people worldwide.

Hypercritic asks the new generation of humanists to imagine and write about the future of culture. It starts from the millenary European culture and its values: freedom, equality, integration, sustainable economy, and fulfilling life.

Hypercritic helps its readers to turn opinion into knowledge. It informs and educates the public through a new scientific approach. It provides users with the necessary tools to develop their personal tastes by discovering relevant content and experiences.

Hypercritic is an observatory workshop and trendsetter that brings together content, people, and institutions. Students, teachers, museums, media companies, writers, scholars, creators, and citizens can contribute to a new learning experience through dialogue and sharing their knowledge and passions.

Hypercritic was founded in Italy in July 2020. Its impact is global and its roots and core values are deeply European.

About the Hypercritic Method

Each item in the Hypercritic Collection becomes a record and receives a series of switches that describe the type of experience it generates. Easy or hard? Fast or slow? Big or little? Clean or Dirty? Whatever interpretation the readers give to these eight switches, playing with this compass will point them in the right direction.

The core of each record is the Hypergraph®, a visual representation of its anatomy. It is designed to remove as much bias and subjectivity as possible. With a set of universally comprehensible parameters, it filters subjective judgment. An international panel of experts measures each parameter on a scale of 1-5 and creates a shared visual representation based on quantitative data. The resulting image becomes the infographic portrait of that specific oeuvre or experience. It clearly shows its peculiarity and allows readers to judge if it fits them or not in a few seconds.  

Hypercritics does not judge how “good” or “bad” a film/book/album/artwork/experience is. The Hypergraph evaluates to what degree certain elements are present in it by measuring the strength and coherency of a series of essential aspects. A broader and uniform Hypergraph will represent a consistent and balanced item. A jagged or irregular shape will indicate a specific or more extreme experience. The text enlightens the object’s story, creating surprising connections with other records. With these interactive tools and inventions, Hypercritic opens endless paths of exploration in the maze of knowledge.

Hypercritic’s staff already involves 40 young authors from all over Europe, the United States, and Latin America, covering books, art, movies, music, and TV shows. The plan for 2021 is to extend the categories in all cultural fields: from performing arts to poetry and video games, from cultural heritage to gastronomy and travel, and beyond.

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